If any upcoming brides in NY area have thought about preserving your bouquet- I would highly reccommend NOT choosing FOREVER IN BLOOM out of Mount Kisco NY to do so!
I was on my honeymoon when my mother in law dropped off to my florist to be shipped there and freeze dried. We were not given any paperwork, and I didnt know what my options were. I spoke to a receptionist 2x over the holidays, and I wanted to know what size shadow box I should look at, to fit my bouquet, etc because their website is designed so poorly and very limited. She had no answers.
I was so disgruntled that I said I would most likely take " just freeze dried" and I would call back with payment in January. I have been out of work, and interviewing, just purchased a home, amongst everything else that comes with being a newlywed,etc. So on this snow day- I went to pay over phone and have shipped to my florist, and the abrasive and rude owner ,Shelly told me it was thrown away, and said she had left voicemails for me(not the case). How could you just throw away a recent brides dream bouquet? Obviously it was sent there for a reason?You dont have storage for a bouquet? Maybe you should, if this is your business? 
 I have to look into why I was not given any paperpwork, as this is not over.
Good Luck!


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    I would post this in your local board.  Although it is good advice this board has more than people from NY.
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