Difference between enough info and bridezilla?

I sat down with my florist 3 months ago so we could book them and she could get an idea of what kind of flowers I was looking for.  Since I didn't know much about flowers at the time, she made some suggestions based on the colors I was asking for and the overall look I was after.  She also said that she understands that once I started looking at thing I might change my mind, and that as long as I give her at least a month's notice it wouldn't be a problem to choose anything different.

So now that I've been researching flowers for the centerpieces (that we're doing ourselves), I've realized that some of the flowers she suggested are not at all what I want.  I've got a list of flowers I really like, and a list of flowers I don't like at all.  Does it make me look like a bridezilla if I ask to sit down with her again and give her the lists?  I still plan on saying "here's the look I want and here's the color I want" so she can pick and choose what she thinks will look best, so the lists would just kind of be a guideline, but I don't want to sound overly demanding or crazy.  Just a regular amount of overanalyzing crazy.

What say the peanut gallery?  Is it considered bridezilla-ish, or is it giving them more information to work with?

Re: Difference between enough info and bridezilla?

  • If you truly don't like certain flowers that she will be using you need to speak up.  Florists will work with you to make you happy...they certainly don't want to spend time making these items for you that you will hate and then tell everyone at your wedding that you hate them...that equals bad business for the florist.

    I would make an appointment and give her your lists.  Be prepared to hear that certain flowers cannot be used based on availability or cost.  If you are flexible about things and aren't demanding the florist will not think you are a bridezilla at all.

  • Awesome, I feel better now.  I'm fully expecting some of the ones I like will be thrown out due to cost of availability, I'm not dead set on them, they're just preferences if they're logical.  I just didn't want to sound demanding with "I hate these flowers, you can't use these".
  • NO, not at all.  Be clear about what you want!  You are paying for a service and you want to ensure you are happy with that purchase.  Trust me, if I was the florist, I would want to know reguardless of how "bridezilla" it may sound.  And I don't think that is unreasonable. 
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