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Has anyone grown their own flowers? I'm looking to grow crackerjack marigolds and zinnias. The only problem is I live in Michigan and we've been having really cold weather so they can't be sown in the ground, and the days to maturation are 80-90. It's a lot of flowers to sow inside... any suggestions? 

Re: Growing Your Own

  • Growing your own flowers is very tricky and with the weather being uncontrollable you just do not know when your flowers will bloom or mature.  This is a huge risk and you could end up with absolutely no flowers.

    I would suggest buying from a reputable wholesaler (Costco has great choices) and then going to a local farmers market to see what they offer to use in just your bouquet if you really want something special and different.

    Finally, I have never seen marigolds used in bouquets or centerpieces.  I am not sure how well they will do cut from their plant.

  • Zinnias are really harty and will bloom clear through September sometimes.  It's always good to have a back up plan though.  You could use some of your own and some store bought so that you have enough.
  • Have you ever grown flowers before?  I know when I first started, I had all of these visions of a swath of flowers in my yard.  It doesn't always happen and it can take a lot of work.  You also are not going to be able to control when the flowers are in bloom so I'd definitely have a back up plan.
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