AVerage cost of Flowers/Centerpeices?!?

I'm having a September 2010 wedding. My center pieces are a bouquet of pink/fushia lilies and white and purple roses, they are coming out to about 30$ a centerpieces, that's just paying for flowers only. Is that a normal cost? I think it's a little expensive but i'm not familiar with flower prices?
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Re: AVerage cost of Flowers/Centerpeices?!?

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    iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    This might be a better question for your local board since they would know if that is a good price for flowers in your area.  Lilies tend to be a bit more expensive so if you don't want to pay that much, you could talk to the florist and ask what options they would have at your price point.
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    I'm paying about $20 for each centerpiece.  I will be using roses and carnations, but I will be DIYing my flowers.   I'm also going to buy cala lillies for 4 arrangements and those flowers are going to cost $56.  I plan on spending $450 for all my flowers (centerpieces, bouquets, bouts, etc).

    The vases are not included in this budget, but I think I've spent about $100.

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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    That's not a bad price for a florist's retail price for just the flowers, then it sounds about average.

    If you want to do them cheaper, you'll have to DIY and order the flowers in bulk or from somewhere like Sam's or Costco.

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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I had roses, lillies and hydrangea and my table centerpieces were $65 each I think with my head table centerpiece being $75.  So yeah, I think that's pretty good!
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    I have 2 different types of centerpieces one high  vase $175 and one low vase $115... I did however visit quite a few florists because one florist quoted me about 4300...the florist next door to them quoted me

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