Interviewing a florist this am..

What are some questions to ask, things to look for? I pretty much know what  want, it is a local shop featured on wedding wire, and has great reviews.
Please help!

Re: Interviewing a florist this am..

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    Go with an open mind.  I had brought a flower magazine with me having fallen in love with a bouquet.  Turns out, a lot of the flowers in bridal magazines will die on you after a couple hours or are a mix of flowers in season four different times in the year.  My florist was able to put together something with in season flowers that had the same look I was going for.

    Ask about replacement flowers in case something happens so that what you planned can't happen that day.  Maybe a delivery truck didn't arrive or the flowers that came are not a good quality.  In my case, the florist is trying to get black eyed susans to stay alive but we have a back up flower in case.
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    Most of the florists I met with asked all the questions. Take some pictures of things you like. Ask for a itemized written quote. Some florists give quote that list specific stems to be used in each arrangement and some don't. I found that with the ones that did I could easily see where I got more bang for my buck.

    Meet with several florists before deciding on one. Make sure that you are on the same page about your "vision." Negotiate on price...they expect this.

    That's my advice. Have a good meeting!!!
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