Tall brass gold flower towers help find please

Dear Knotties, 
My wedding is in Europe this summer and I am dying for this look, however it has been impossible for me to find these vases (the florists do not have them in Sweden from what I have researched, and seems much cheaper to buy and bring them over). Does anyone know what the correct name for these vases is or how to find them (i only find wholesalers or out of stock Opulent Treasures designs which have a similar look.). Any help on how rent or get these in the US to bring over would be sooo helpful! 

Thank you! Sara

Re: Tall brass gold flower towers help find please

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    Sara, the minute I looked at your picture I thought it's not a vase, it's a candlestick. My guess is the florist used a ball of oasis floral foam and placed it at the top

    I love this site and found something similar here:

    I've ordered from them and they are great.

    The one I linked is 16" tall, they also have one that is 20" tall.

    If this is more than you want to pay, just google "brass candle sticks" or something similar. Also, check in second hand stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. I've seen similar things there as well.

    Good luck.
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    I also think they are brass candlestick holders.  

    You can do an arrangement in a bouquet holder, but might have to cut the handle down shorter, and anchor it into the candle holder with floral clay, and/or tape:

    SO-1710-30-P - OASIS® WEDDING BELLE® Medium Holder  (available in 2 varieties) - by the piece - NOW with Maxlife

    Or you might could use the small plastic cages that are attached to pew clips.  There are usually small loops, which you could use to wire the holder onto the top of a candle holder.  

    If the flowers and greenery are full enough, they will usually cover up the wire, tape or clay used to anchor them to the top of a vase or candle holder.  You might also find some how-to tutorial videos on YouTube.
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