Instead of flowers....

When I was deciding what I would carry down the aisle, flowers were always the one thing that I knew I didn't want. I decided on feathered fans. Mine will be a navy blue to go with my bridesmaid's dresses and their's will be a light yellow to accent the navy blue. I know this is a bit different and alot of people so far have given me weird looks when I tell them I'm not doing flowers. It's now 4 months until the wedding and I think the looks are starting to get to me. I love the whole feathered fan idea, but I just wanted to get other people's input if it was that "odd" of an idea. Does this just seem silly to anyone? Or do you think it would look ok?
Thanks for everyone's input!!!

Re: Instead of flowers....

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    I've never seen anything like you've described. Would it be something like this...?

    If it goes with the rest of the wedding feel/theme, then it might be ok. But if you'd feel better, you could always try to combine a small bouquet with some added feathers to make it more unique.

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    I love it!  Stand your ground and do it!!!
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    I think it is a nice, unique idea.

    Years ago, at my cousin's wedding, she had a December wedding.  She carried a fur muff with a small bouquet attached to it.  It was very pretty and different. 
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    If you love the idea, do it! People give weird looks about a lot of things. And this isn't something that is going to offend anyone or hurt their feelings, it's just something different they haven't seen before. I think you should go for it!
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    I like it. I saw some cool feather bouquets online,too.
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    I love the idea - I'm thinking of carrying a lantern with a candle for my 7 PM December wedding . Stand your ground, set yourself apart!

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    It is your wedding after all.

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