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Can my bouquet be all white if my center pieces are blue and orange?
My reception is going to be at a seperate location a couple hours after the ceremony...I really like the simplisity of the white bouquet and my ceremony is simply and clean but I really want a bright center piece that I can show off my colors at. I just don't want it to be tacky. Any thoughts?

Re: center piece vs. bouquet

  • Funnily enough, one of my friends who is getting married has the wedding colors orange and blue and her bouquet is going to be mostly white with some greenery. I think it looks really classic. Your bouquet will be really seen and photographed at the ceremony and before, it will be kind of set aside at the reception, I doubt anyone will notice other than it being beautiful.
  • Your bouquet and centerpieces do not have to match.  If you want an all white bouquet then have one.  No one will think "Oh my god they don't match!".

  • its your day, you can have whatever you want, mixing colors won't look tacky at all, we do it all the time.  I'd suggest building in very subtle features of color to match though and tie everything in - have you considered feathers or colored wire on the bouquet to tie everything in?  In the interests of full discolsure (as my username suggests) I'm a florist - this post is not intended to 'sell' anything or promote anything, but this is a question we have so frequently I thought it was important enough to post a repsonse.  Thanks  Chris 
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    doing a beach wedding so i was thinking a white bouquet with orange starfish and in the center pieces tieing in the white with the small white startfish
  • Sure- many brides want an all white bouquet even though they have other colors in the other arrangements.  Sounds beautiful!

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