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Hi ladies!

I'm buying roses and hydrangeas in bulk for my centerpieces.  Has anyone ever made their own centerpieces before? I read somewhere that I'm gonna need floral tape.

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    I did not use floral tape for my centerpieces, but it probably depends on what you want to achieve.  I simply cut flowers to the right length for a pretty vase and then put that vase on a pretty charge.  All I really needed was a knife or scissors. 
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    You can either make them by freely putting them into the vase or i've heard of people bunching them like a bouquet, taping them towards the top of the stems, and cutting the stems to length before putting them in the vase. It is just a matter of preference. I like to freely arrange them instead of using tape though.
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    Flowers are easier to arrange and and you will have more control over the arrangement if you use flower foam. If you are using clear vases you will need to cover it somehow.
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    Hydrangea will last longer in the centerpiece if they are in water or floral solution rather than foam.
    Start with the hydrangea and cut them to the perfect length for the vase. Hydrangea always work so well right on the top and work your roses win and around- perfect centerpiece!

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