Hi! Our wedding is December 8, 2012. The colors and silver, gold, and a deep purple. The bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses. I cannot seem to decide what flowers I want to have? I'm also not opposed to (in fact I love) the idea of making my bouquet out of some brooches or anything shiny as it would go with my silver/gold theme. Any thoughts would be great!

I've thought about me holding purple roses and maybe some gold stuff.. and having the girls hold white/cream roses? Or I could flop it?

I just don't know! Thanks for the help!

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    Hey! I'm a December 8th as well and we're using purple, green, and gold. We're also adding some ornaments into the bouquets to make them sparkley. Purple and white roses would be very pretty, and I'd also consider some evergreen type stuff for the texture of it and because green works as a good neutral for the plants. We're doing white and green hydrangeas with green fugi mums and purple calla lillies. I wanted to do evergreens, but since I have a contact allergy with them, thought it'd be a bad idea. My mom found some gold ornaments last year after Christmas and got them to stick in (and my florist is excited because she loves adding "bling" to things in the winter). 

    Here are some pictures of things I found with sparkles in them that my florist is working with. 

    I don't know if you can see that well, but there's just some small little silver balls in that one. 

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