Hydrangea Bouquets Wilting??

I am having a June wedding and always wanted hydrangeas in my bridesmaids and my bouquets.  I went to meet with a florist today who told me he would never do hydrangea bouquets because they would wilt quickly.  Has anyone been to a wedding with hydrangea bouquets and know whether this is true? Thanks!

Re: Hydrangea Bouquets Wilting??

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    yes,I use them all the time. Hydrangeas work best as a hand tied bokay so they can remain in water until the very last minute.   My recommendation?......find another florist  to work with. FYI   I do not use them in corsages or boutiner's
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    I had them in my bouquet (outdoor wedding, Memorial weekend, in Florida, 90 degrees and humid!) and they did perfectly fine.  My bouquet still looked amazing the next morning and I don't think it started to wilt until 2 or three days after the wedding. Pictures in my married bio if you'd like to see.
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    I have worked with hydrangeas before and they wilted very quickly.  I really think it is hit or miss.  Like the PP, her's did perfectly, but I have seen others that look terrible.  I would get another opinion too, but just know you are taking a chance.
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    I love the look of hydrangeas but they need a LOT of water, and can sometimes wilt very fast. 

    If you can keep them cool, and in water until just before the ceremony, they will probably be fine. 

    For a similar look to hydrangeas, you can use all asltromerias, for that "cluster" effect.  Or, if you cut the pointy tips off, stock looks like mini hydrangeas, but they have a kind of "wilty" appearance already. 
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    Some florist are using a product called "Hawaiian" that is sprayed all over the flower petals and keeps them hydrated. This really works. We used it for my DIL (hydrangea and peony) bouquets and boutineeres. We used it full strength. I had only used it 1/2 and 1/2 with water but full strength was the best. The bouquets were in oasis holders, but the boutineers made with delphinium had no water supply. I had to have them completed for pictures by noon and the wedding started at 6. Reception ended at midnight. Everything held through out the night, even the boutineers. The hydrangea held for days in the oasis holders. I have done many weddings but my daughter and sons weddings were the only ones that I was in house for the whole day. Hawaiian really works, if you can get a florist in your area to use it, and use it full strength.  We even put hydrangea heads (no water) on the buffett table and they held up from 4 till after midnight. I am completely sold on this stuff. But not all florist use it, it is a tad costly for them, but the results are worth it. And I live in Florida. I had never seen hydrangea last for so long out of water.
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    No help since I am using artificial, but I am also using hydrangeas for the bouquets!  My girls are wearing black so their flowers & jewelry will be in their favorite colors.  I found beautiful full, ivory hydrangeas at Michael's and will add a deep red rose (or other flower) in the center for a burst of color!

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    Thanks so much for all of the feedback!! I think I will probably end up going with hydrangeas in the centerpieces, and doing some other purple/blue/white mixes for the bouquets, just to avoid the chance of them not holding up.  For the bouquets, im thinking, purple listhianthus, blue delphium and white roses or peonies...
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    The hydrangeas should be soaked heads fully immersed in water with about 2 teaspoons of alum (found in the spice section at the grocery store) for 30 minutes to an hour before used. Works perfectly for me everytime! They need to stay in water until the last minute.
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