Horizon Dresses

Hey Ladies, 

We are meeting with a couple of florists tomorrow. I just wanted some opinions. We are having horizon blue BM dresses (royal blue). We wanted to bring in pink with the flowers. (bright pink) Do you think this would look nice? We are not sure what kind of flowers at this time. All we know is pink flowers and maybe some blue flowers here and there in the bouquets. Thoughts? 

Re: Horizon Dresses

  • I think bright pink with royal blue would look lovely.

    Bright pink flowers: Stargazer lillies (very strong sweet smell) is one of my faves. Also roses, some hydrangeas can be pink (or blue!).
  • It depends on what you mean by bright pink.  A bubble gum pink might look too, too cute.   A deeper pink such as a fucshia or a magenta would look better since it could match the intensity of the horizon blue. 
  • Sounds pretty to me!  I am a florist and I have done this combo before, and it looks great.  I agree the bubblegum may be over the top, but if you did a mix of peonies (white, pale pink, and fuschia) that would look very nice.
  • I'm doing the royal blue dresses with flowers that are a mix of plum and fuschia :)
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