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So my checklist says I should start talking with florists but I feel rather lost when it comes to this. I am guestimating 15 tables at reception and I know I want low centerpieces mainly comprised of candles with whatever flowers are in season in the fall. I need a bouquet for me (no bridesmaids or moh in wedding). Do I just call up places and say all that? I'm not sure what my budget is yet for flowers because I'm not sure what all that costs or "should" cost. I know it varies from city to city but any help before I delve into this would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, also if my wedding isn't til October 2010, do I really need to start talking with florists now?

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    well, I don't know how big that part of philly is but if you live in a major city or a well populated area, florist do tend to get booked up pretty fast.  You could wait a couple of months to tie down a budget and figure how much goes where. Mums or in season for October. & ya when you visit the florist to get price quotes, what you said here sounds right on target.

    (a breakdown of wedding budget)
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    I would look at some pictures and see what styles and colors you like.  I like to tell my brides to find a bridal bouquet picture that they like and then the florist will know your taste and have a little direction.  Generally if you are not super picky I would  meet with 2 florists about 3 or 4 months before. Good luck , Katie @ Laguna Flower Co.
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    Thanks guys!
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    all these sites say that you should go in with a budget in mind and then work from there, but all the florists that i met with worked in the opposite. we went in and told them what we wanted and then they told us the cost. we could always adjust from there if needed. the florist should be able to tell you what's in season when you're getting married and make suggestions based on your colors and overall feel. definetly bring in pictures of things that you like so that they know what direction to go in.

    meeting with the florist now is slightly early, but not really a problem. the earlier the better imo because then you're guaranteed to get the florist that you want, rather than who's availible.
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    i work at a florist and we tell our brides to bring in pictures of what you like in bouquets, centerpieces, etc. and don't be afraid to go in a year early because its better to be early and have them tell you so rather than going in 3 months before and not having a slot.

    if you are going with a fall color scheme you could go with a wide variety of flowers like: chrysanthamums, red rovers, sunflowers, and vikings if you want flowers that have that fall garden feel. you can also opt for flowers that are found year round but in fall colors like roses, diasies, pomps, alstroemeria lillies. i also like to to add a bit of purple in my fall arrangements. you could also think about adding branches or fall leaves to arrangements.

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    Going in with at least some idea of your budget is the BEST single peice of advice I can give you. I always ask my brides if they have a budget in mind, at the very first meeting. That way I do not waste their time pitching them ideas that are well over what they'd like to spend. A good florist can take any budget and make beautiful florl peices for your wedding. It is best to be honest upfront..even if your budget is perhaps unrealistic for what you have your eyes on, then at least the florist can tell you that from the get-go, and then guide you toward similiar, but less costly styles.

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