Instructions on specific bouquet

I was searching online and saw the most beautiful wedding bouquet called a "Composite Rose bouquet" which is one rose with petals attached to it.  I have been searching online for some not so complex instructions and haven't been able to find any. 
Has anyone ever tried to make one of these or do you know where I can get some help in trying to create this type of bouquet?  I am really loving it and want it for my wedding!!!

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Re: Instructions on specific bouquet

  • I know what you are talking about and it is beautiful.  It would also be very labor intensive and would need to be done as close to the wedding as possible, maybe even the day of the wedding.  I would leave it to the pros.
  • it is not a project for a beginner or even intermediate designer.  These take up to two hours to make and technical knowleged to get them to look right. Not recommended for a DIY project.
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