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Does anyone know the difference in a Florist and a local Teleflora company? When I google florist in my area- I am getting some of the "order online" but they're local. The prices seem cheaper...just not sure what the differences are. Thank you!

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  • Lets see if I can explain this so it makes sense (feeling a bit under the weather so please forgive me if I confuse you).  Teleflora is a company that has designed many arrangements that you can go online and choose from.  The order (if ordered directly through the internet) will then be sent to a local florist, who is affiliated with Teleflora, who will arrange the flowers into the specific design picked by the customer.  Teleflora does not arrange the flowers.  Only the affiliated florists arrange the flowers.

    I think Teleflora is great if you are ordering flowers for birthdays or just as a thank you because you just want something pretty and nice.  However, I would not suggest using them for your wedding flowers.  You should have the chance to sit down with your florist of choice and discuss options, budget, specific flowers, etc.  By going through Teleflora you will not get this chance, you will only be able to select from the pictures/items that they have on their website or in their books.

    My suggestion is to ask your local board, family and friends of who they would recommend for a florist.  It is best to get recommendations from people who have actually used the florist then by just googling some in your area.

  • That makes sense and I definitely want to meet in person. I was thrown by some of the addresses being local! Thank you!
  • do not order off of a teleflora or FTD website......please please please shop local if you have a the florist directly.
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    FWIW, when ever I order flowers I will order through a local florist in the city where I am sending them.  I always make a point of NOT ordering any arrangement that is labeled as being a FTD or Telefloral design.  With those you end up paying not only for the flowers and other supplies, the time and talent of the arranger, and the delivery cost, but also a fee to FTD or Telefloral.  Once the cost are all added up they end up being more expensive than a comparable original design for the local shop.
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