For our wedding we want red and gold colors, but gold colors are hard to come by, and orange flowers are too orange, so we've decided that we like sunflowers. BUt I cant figure out what red flowers would look great with sunflowers. Any suggestions?

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    This has Dahlias, Gerber Daisies, and Zinnas (all of which can come in red). They go along great with sunflowers.

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    I've also seen red sunflowers (kind of a rusty or orange/red).  Red mums, roses, spray roses, carnations, or gerbers would look nice.  I think zinnias and asters come in shades of red or red/orange also.  Or just use assorted small filler flowers, with red hypericum berries.   
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    They have a sunflower that has red in it... Just a FYI on sunflowers some seasons they bloom really well and others they dont bloom to great so just watch out for that.... Those are my fav. flowers and when I was told that I decided to go with a safer choice
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