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I am considering doing silk flower table arrangements. What are your thoughts on going to a wedding with silk flowers?
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Re: Silk Flowers

  • I learned to love the idea. FI has allergies, so the only real flowers at our wedding will be my and the bridesmaid's bouquets.

    They make it much easier if you plan on doing them yourself, as you can start as early as you need to and make adjustments. Sometimes they are cheaper than real, but not always. It can be difficult to find nice ones for a good price.
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  • Also, real might not hold up well in the GA heat/humidity. I'm in KY, and they still wilt pretty fast on our warmer days.
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  • It's a personal choice, but if you choose a higher quality silk, they tend to look much nicer.  Just a sugestion, best of luck

  • im going to look this weekend and get prices.  Thanks for the suggestions!!
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  • I'm using all silk flowers, in centerpieces and bouquets. I think its fine and no one will care.
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