Florist help!

So... My florist who i've know since I was 6-7 is doing our flowers..
She's done many weddings...and does all of her work out of her house.. My problem is that I have no idea what to pay her!! She says to just give her what we can afford.. We are trying to go as cheap as possible, but I don't want to pay her too less or too much! 

Here's the list of what she's doing:

my bouquet
bridesmaid bouquets (5)
boutineers (8)
vases for the tables (3 big ones- for cake and candy buffet tables)
vases for reception tables (5-8, depending on how many tables we have)
corsages (3) 

I think that sums it up...
What do ya'll think I should pay her?? Help!

Re: Florist help!

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    Depends on if you are furnishing the flowers or not. 

    If she is furnishing the flowers, and gets wholesale prices, I'd pay cost +10-20% for the flowers, then extra for labor.   it's anywhere from 2-3 hours to a whole day's labor to do wedding flowers, plus reception flowers.  Plus ordering, picking up, and prepping the flowers. 

    If she's doing this as a friend, I'd offer anywhere from $200-300 for a day's labor if she's a professional, or does professional quality work.  That's still probably cheaper than retail prices and labor that most florists would charge.

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    Okay.. I am purchasing silk flowers and giving them to her as I get them.. As well as purchasing all the necessities
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