Real carnation pomanders. Please help!

I'm doing 4in pomander balls with real white carnations. I purchased the green styrofoam ball that says you cam use fake or real flowers. However-I've read that the green oasis foam ball is better.
Is this true? Can I still use the 14 balls I already bought!?

Re: Real carnation pomanders. Please help!

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    The problem with the green oasis foam is that you need to soak it in water, and I'd be worried that they would be fairly heavy.  Are the pomanders going to be used for isle decor?  If so, I would suggest scapping the fresh flowers.  Believe me, people aren't going to be looking at them so closely that they would know the difference and then you can use the styrofoam balls you have.  Otherwise, you can always return the styrofoam and exchange for the oasis foam.  GL!
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    Maggie0829Maggie0829 member
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    Since carnations are extremely hardy they will hold up just fine out of water for a bit.  I would wait to make them the night before your wedding to be on the safe side.  Like the PP said the oasis after being soaked will be extremely heavy and has the possibility of breaking apart a lot easier then just plain styrofoam.  Why don't you make a mock up with just the styrofoam and real carnations and see how long it lasts.

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    missdolcemissdolce member
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    carnations are hardy flowers, but if you want them to look beautiful for your wedding, use the oasis ball. You are taking the time to do all of these, you want them to look the best they can. Also, the styrofoam is much denser than the floral foam, doesn't absorb water at all, and might damage the stems when inserting in. Yes the oasis will be heavier, but as the flowers absorb the water, it will lighten.

    ALSO, One thing I learned is that the carnation has a thick stem at the base, so the 4 inch ball will turn into being 8 inches in diameter, because the thich stem base adds 2 inches on either side, resulting in a larger area that has to be covered in flowers.
    therefore, 4 inch ball, plus 2 inches each side for the carnation head is 8 inch diameter, a=pi(r^2), a=3.14(4^2), a=50insq/2 inch blooms, = 25 carnations per ball, and I would have a few extra per ball just in case some are smaller.

    See the extra 2 inches from the thich base of the head??
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