What do you do when the florist making your bouquet goes outt bussiness!

So I made my appt. with the florist over 2 months ago, they never called me back and I went in again to make sure they didn't loose my info. She told me yeah we have it just give him a few more days and he'll call you. HA! 2 more weeks went by and no call, my work is right across the st. from them and yesterday I looked over and said OMG! They went outta bussiness. WTF?!?! why on earth would she even take my info and tell me they would call if they were going outta bussiness?? OY VEY! Im so disgruntled. I now have to go find another florist close enough to my village to get there the day before to pick up my flowers and  still make time to get all dressed and go to my friends studio for free wedding photos. It sounds really stressfull and Im seriously thinking about not having my flowers now. It makes me sad but I just dont know what to do. If I lived close to civilization it wouldnt be so hard but I dont,LOL. so this was really a vent just wish me luck ladies!.

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Re: What do you do when the florist making your bouquet goes outt bussiness!

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    Can you just ask someone else to pick up the flowers for you, maybe your FI or mom?  

    Also, you should take your name out of your siggy.  It's never a good idea to have your full name on the internet for all the crazies to see.  Maybe go with Soon to be Mrs. S.
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    Calm down, and find another florist.  If you are getting married in December, you still have 8 months, not a problem.

    Look on-line or in the Yellow pages for florists in your area.  Things to look for:  one that has been in business for a long time, and ask if they will deliver wedding flowers to you.  Check their references and if they have any complaints against them with the area Better Business Bureau. 

    Consult with 2-3 florists if you have time, tell them what your budget and needs are, and see what they can offer for that price.  It may mean you get less flowers for the price, or it may mean you get more.  It's almost a certaintly you will be getting better service from them than your original florist who went out of business.

    Ultimately, your attention will be elsewhere on your wedding day, so flowers won't be the biggest priority.  As long as you have some, and they look half-way decent, it will be fine.

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    jagore on my wedding day we will be leaving to go to the court house in aother state at 8:30am so no one will be able to pick them up that day and my mother is going to be an hour and a half away from me meeting us there day of, so no there is no one to do that for me, my MOH will be with me, day before getting hair cuts and nails done and pictures, so theres no time for driving 25 min. to town to get flowers.
    catwoman Thanks for all the info and advice. I just broke down and went to Jo-ann fabric and got silk flowers to make my own bouquet so all is ok and worked out .
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