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   I am getting married out of town but I would still like to use a florist where I'm from. How long will bouquets stay fresh? I was thinking about getting the flowers on Wednesday, traveling with them to our wedding location, and then the ceremony will be on Saturday. Is there a way I an keep the flowers looking nice and fresh for this long?? If not, I need to start looking for an out of town florist (which I rather not do)  HELP!!!
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    Unfortunately, not really.  I worked in a florist for many years and we didn't make the bouquets until the day before a wedding.  Many factors can affect fresh flowers such as temperature, amount of sunlight, lack of water, etc.  And depending on the type of flowers you go with some only last 3 days while others may last weeks (an example would be gerber daisies and hydrangeas die extremely quickly if out of water for a few hours while regular daisies and carnations seem to live forever in or out of water).  If you really want your local florist to make your bouquets you can have them made out of silk flowers (but I really do not like silk flowers for weddings...they just don't give them same affect as fresh).

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    How far away is the wedding? Would your florist be willing to travel?
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    Thanks for the help! The wedding is about 4 hours away so I know the florist won't travel that far. Plus, I don't want the extra expense. I will either order flowers online or get an out-of-town florist.
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    kind of depends on the flowers you choose., we have sent flowers and have had brides take them quite far and have not had any problems. They can be packeaged and enclosed in plastic for the initial trip and when you get them to the wedding venue you can refrigerated them. Most reception/hotels etc will asccomodate you .  Talk to your florist they will be able to guide you. It can be done with sucessful results
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