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Father and daughter dance

Okay I have a problem, my stepfather is my dad (to me anyways).  He is the only man that I have ever know as my father and he has been there more then any other father that I know.  He is my everything and he knows this, but i really want the perfect song for my wedding.  I need to give my list to my DJ by Friday (May 11th).  Any Ideas???  I have listened to about a houndred songs and like some but still haven't found that one...  So far I really like "He Didn't Have To Be" by Brad Paisle but it sound like a son and father song.  Please tell me what you guys think I'm open to anything!!!  Thanks!!

Re: Father and daughter dance

  • Is there a singer/band that your stepdad really likes? Perhaps a song that he already loves would mean a lot to him. You could always ask him if he has anything in mind, too.
  • I have the same situation with my dad (step-dad, but I don't refer to him as that) and we are dancing to Nanci Griffith's "Turn Around"- it's a sweet song and my dad is the one who picked it.   If it isn't what you are looking for, then I would do as PP suggested and ask him for suggestions. 
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  • My sister and step dad danced to he didnt have to be. I recommend you choose it. It is such a beautiful song and he may even tear up a bit.
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