How to Dance at a Small Wedding without it being super awkward??

So after much discussion, my fiance and I just decided to cancel our 150 person wedding reception and instead have a very small ceremony & post-ceremony celebration with just our immediate families and a few close friends.  We'll probably invite a total of about 15-20 people. We don't have set plans yet, but will likely hold the ceremony either on the beach or in my brother-in-law's gorgeous backyard, followed by a casual dinner party either at my bro-in-law's or a private room at a restaurant.

There is just one thing I can't seem to let go of from the big wedding, and that's the DANCING!  Most importantly, the dance with my dad & the first dance with my  husband.  While the rest of the big wedding-related stuff never appealed to me that much, I've  dreamed of having these special dances my whole life and I'm having a hard time letting go!!

Is there any way to do these dances somehow without it being totally awkward due to the small # of people?  I'm especially interested to hear from others who have had or attended small weddings like this and how this was handled. 

One note: both sides of the fam are going to plan slightly larger extended family BBQs (maybe 30-40 people at each gathering) for us sometime later in the summer after the wedding, so one thought I had was whether maybe we could do some dancing at one/both of those events instead.  But usually there isn't much dancing at family BBQs, so not sure how I'd work it in there either!

Advice please! :-)
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