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Vent: FI

Umm...does anyone else's FI not really care what song you pick for your first dance?I am putting a lot of thought into our music...Kind of annoyed right now >:(

Re: Vent: FI

  • roselyn81roselyn81 member
    edited December 2011
    FI vetoed my top two favorite first dance songs...for good reason I guess.  (They were played at he and his ex's wedding)
  • edited December 2011
    My FI said we had to dance to "It's your love" by McGraw-Hill even though he doesn't like country all that much. I like the song okay, but don't feel it reprensents us. He choose it because it's the first song we ever danced to together, so it's only approitate we dance to it for our first song as husbanc and wife. Do you agree? Should it be it because it was our first, or should we find one that reprents the two of us?
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