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DIY Music?

We're trying to stay on a budget and we have a local company that offers this iDJ program, where we program all the songs on a MP3 player and they hook it up to professional DJ equipment. Is this a good idea? Or should we just spend the money on a actual DJ?

Re: DIY Music?

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    We're just renting a microphone, an audio mixer (to switch between the mic and the speakers) and 3-4 speakers, so we can just plug in my iPod and hit Play on my Wedding Reception playlist. This whole package is going to cost us about $400. Not having a band/DJ was one of the areas we decided to cut down on expenses. Instead, we're splurging on the cake and photos.
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    I'm looking into this too and have to say I'm nervous. I haven't researched any DJ programs but that sounds pretty cool. It just seems to me that I'll still need someone designated to hit "pause" "play" or search for certain songs, etc. I don't want a guest to do this since they are just that... a guest! It just doesn't seem right. I also don't want my family, wedding party, husband-to-be, or myself running over constantly to mess with the music. I'm just wondering if, while I'd like to save the money, I'll be regretting the choice because it will turn into a giant pain in the rear.
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