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pink floyd-breathe??

So my fiance and I are trying to find a song for our first dance, and when I asked him he immediately said "breathe" by pink floyd...he's a big floyd fan, and I LOVE that he actually had something in mind!  I love the song too, and it sounds absolutely beautiful...but...the lyrics are totally depressing!  Do you think it matters if its a non-lovey dovey song for the first dance??  I wouldn't mind going with it, I'm just worried it's going be be...kind of a damper?  We've tried to find some other ones, but nothing really seems to hit the spot...he also suggested Ray Charles "come live with me" which would be ok tooSo...what are your opinion on the Pink Floyd song?

Re: pink floyd-breathe??

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    I'm biased because this is a sore spot for FI and I. He loves Pink Floyd while I can't stand listening to even a full song.If you don't mind the lyrics go with it! FI and I didn't have a "special" song and our "special" songs ended up being to rock n roll for a first dance... so we ended up with a dance friendly, generation friendly classic... "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison.
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    i LOVE Pink Floyd, and that's one of my favorite PF songs, but I dont think it's really "wedding appropriate...?" It's completely up to you, though! If you're comfortable with it, i say do it.Have you considered "Waste" by Phish?
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    pink floyd is one of my all-time favorites, but i cannot imagine any of their songs being appropriate for my first dance.  we played some during the dinner/downtime. 
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    Not sure of what song that is but the song I want to walk down the aisle to is "can't take my eyes off of you" which is super depressing at first.  I decided against it.  I don't want people thinking something different than what I think it means.  lol...if that makes ANY sense at all. 
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    I love PF and this is 1 of my favorites.  Not sure it is 'first dance' though.  Try to think back to when you guys first met...was there a popular love song on the radio at that time?  I am getting married 09/26/09 (39 days!) and our first dance will be to Far Away by Nickelback.  We have known each other for 12 years and the song tells how how we really felt about each other over the last 12 years.  You might also listen to Rascal Flatts Bless the Broken Road thats an awesome song too!  It was a toss between the 2 songs, but Nickelback won.  We will dance to Rascal Flatts later.  Good luck and please post which song you choose. : )
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