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Mother Son recently passed away

Hi all,My fiance's mom passed away May 1, 2009.  They were VERY close and it is very recent and a tough subject for him.  We were discussing options for our music and he said that he wanted to dance with me and dedicate a song to her and have everyone dance with us.  I need some advice...anyone have any other suggestions?  I asked him if he would like to dance with his aunt or his mother's best friend...and he said it would be too tough to choose between them, and also because his other aunts will be there as well.  And what songs would you suggest?  I was thinking Angel by Sarah McLaughlin (sp?) I want it to be a good memory of her but not to be so sad everyone loses it...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! Marissa

Re: Mother Son recently passed away

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    I think his idea is a great one! Or you could do an anniversary dance in her honor. An anniversary dance is when all couples (regardless of how long they have been together) come out on the dance floor. The DJ/Band throughout the course of the song will countdown the years (if you have been together for 5 years please step off the dance floor, 10 years, etc.)ending with the couple who has been together the longest! You could also give them a bouquet or something to honor them as well as your FI's mom! Journey's "After All These Years" is a great song choice as well!! HTH!
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    Mama by Il DivoMama, thank you for who I am Thank you for all the things I'm not Forgive me for the words unsaid For the times I forgot Mama remember all my life You showed me love, you sacrificed Think of those young and early days How I've changed along the way [along the way]And I know you believed And I know you had dreams And I'm sorry it took all this time to see That I am where I am because of your truth And I miss you, yeah I miss you Mama forgive the times you cried Forgive me for not making right All of the storms I may have caused And I've been wrong, Dry your eyes [dry your eyes]Cause I know you believed And I know you had dreams And I'm sorry it took all this time to see That I am where I am because of your truth And I miss you, I miss youMama I hope this makes you smile I hope you're happy with my life At peace with every choice I made How I've changed along the way [along the way]Cause I know you believed in all of my dreams And I owe it all to you, Mama
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    Mama & Angel would both be too sad for my taste. It doesn't necessarily have to be a slow or sad song. Did she have a favorite song or artist/band? If not, a theme song from her favorite movie or tv show could work. I'm trying to think of something that would honor her but not be extremely depressing. It may be a very emotional moment regardless so picking something that could be light-hearted or have happy memories attached might help.For example, my father was a huge baseball fan so at my cousin's Sweet 16 she dedicated "Put Me in Coach" to him. I almost did the same at my wedding but was afraid that even that would make me cry too hard and that was with 6 years between losing him and getting married. So I found other ways to honor him.
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    These are both GREAT ideas, I agree that I don't want to make it TOO sad...especially because it is such a sore spot...and so soon!  I think maybe we'll do a beach boys song or something like that to honor her. 
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