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Father/Daughter Dance with Grandfather

I'm doing my father/daughter dance with my Grandfather (my dad's father) because my father passed away when I was 14.  I'm trying to think of the song to dance to and I'm struggling.  I like the idea of Mariah Carey & Boys II Men's "One Sweet Day" as well as Luther Vandros' "Dance with my father again."  I am open to other suggestions as well.  Do you think Dance with my father again is too much and will make people sad at what is to be a happy event?  I want to make the dance in memory of my father as I want to recognize him.  My wedding is in 2 weeks so I need to decide this fast :)

Re: Father/Daughter Dance with Grandfather

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    OH!! I love One Sweet Day--I think that is PERFECT!! I think you picked 2 great song choices!!! GL!
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    Im about crying reading this, dance with my father again will be overwhelming I think, for me anyway. I lost my dad when I was 15 so Im in the same boat. I was thinking about substitituting it with a sis/bro dance but I know I cant go through with it without throwing myself into a huge depression right off the rip, thats just me though. Maybe a happier, upbeat song that he really liked or that makes you think of him.
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