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I just found the perfect mother/son father/daughter songs!

So Ive been looking and looking and looking for a really long time to find the perfect songs for me and my dad and my fiance and his mom to dance too.  I think I found the perfect ones!Father/Daughter "Butterfly kisses" by bob carlise (sp?) Me and my dad always gave eachother butterfly kisses, i thought it was the coolest thing that no body knew about.  So this is the perfect choice for me and my dad.Mother/Son "Perfect Fan" Backstreet boysI was just browsing through my itunes and was looking at music that i listened too back in high school and came across this song.  This song is so perfect for my fiance becuase he is a total mammas boy and this describes their relationship perfectly.  I cried when i envisioned them dancing to it!  I played it for my fiance and he said that was an awesome choice.woot!
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Re: I just found the perfect mother/son father/daughter songs!

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    I think the perfect fan is such a great song if it fits!! I just ran into it a couple of months ago too! Butterfly kisses is actually pretty common!!! So glad you found the songs you love!
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    My brother played a Perfect Fan at his wedding. I thought it was great. I told my fiance to play it for his mom, but  wanted something that different, something that not everyone plays and he found this song on YouTube. Like you he is a total mamamas boy, and wanted something to convey to his mom how he felt. If you want, should take a look. Made me tear up, and I sure alot of others will when they here it. Its called On This Day written by Steven Zucarillo and Denise Christenizio, and sung by Christian Barnes. Just type the name of the song in the search engine on youtube, should pop up.In anycase, great song selections.
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