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Beauty and the beast father/daughter dance...?

I just wanted to get your opinions on this.  I love my dad, have so much respect for him, but we are not super close.  We just don't relate on a really deep level I guess you could say.  So I've been thinking about a father/daughter dance and I want it to be something that means something to us and our relationship.  I remember when I was a little girl my dad took me and my sis to see Beauty and the Beast and we thought that was so cool.  It was one of the only memories as a child of something JUST me and my dad and sis did without my mom or anyone there.  So my question is do you think that the song from Beauty and the Beast would be really wierd to have as the father/daughter dance?  Because as a guest, they would not know that that song has any significance to it.  thoughts?
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Re: Beauty and the beast father/daughter dance...?

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    Hi Km!As long as it has significance to you I think it would be perfect! Don't worry abou what anyone else thinks!
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    I totally agree with that.  The song I'm dancing to with my uncle is "A Father's Love" by George Strait.  The reason being is that my grandfather (the only dad I've really known) passed away in 1995, and ever since I was a little girl, I knew that that would be the dance that I was going to dance with him.  My uncle was more than happy to oblige, and we'll even be dancing a second one (The Fireman, again by George Strait...see a trend here? :P) just for my uncle and me because he's a fire marshal.  It's all dependent on what means the most to you and how you want to project that special moment between you and your dad.  Personally, I think your idea is adorable.  :)

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