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Small wedding; not sure on music

I am having an 'intimate' destination wedding. Maybe 15 people. Music was my life growing up being a classical musician for 15+years. It really important to me that it done well, but I don't want guests to feel overwhelmed by having music everywhere. I was thinking a string quartet for the ceremony and a small band for cocktail hour and dinner. Does this make sense? Friends are saying just plug in the ipod, but I think thats not giving the right feel.Please help :-(

Re: Small wedding; not sure on music

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    Friends of mine just got back from their DW in Mexico. They are HUGE music people and wanted specifics on songs and they used their Ipod. They said it was such a hit! I do think a small band would be nice too! Whatever works better for you & meets your needs!
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    With my wedding of 250, I plan to use my iPod, since the venue has a full set up available.  I'll make the playlist, send it to my sister and my mom for additions or corrections, put everything in the right order, and I should be set!  The only thing I still have to hammer out is who would be announcing the different parts of the reception - throwing the bouquet, dad/daugher dance, etc.  But I have a few ideas for that one too.I think it's a great idea.  That way, the music can be specifically tailored to your personal taste rather than a cookie-cutter wedding list.  You can still have the songs everyone expects, or have a special list of those for "if requested" to be added later.
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