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Hip hop can be so crude but who doesn't love it

Okay do my F is not a fan of hip hop at all really. Maybe like 10% of it. We fight over different styles of hip hop. Even in music in general. I listen to everything but country. A very wide variety. What can I do to meet in the middle on this one. Being appropriate but being able to get down on the dance floor. Let's face it majority of people listen I music like drake lil Wayne niki but most of it is nasty with a good beat. Lol Who doesn't want to dance to that?? But at a wedding??

Idk why This is so difficult for me


Re: Hip hop can be so crude but who doesn't love it

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    I don't love it and I don't want to dance to it!

    No seriously, you might want to discount this, because I really don't like hip hop, but unless you're having, like, an all under-30 crowd at your wedding, all of whom love hip hop, you're probably going to want to avoid songs that have a lot of profanity, explict sexual stuff, or anything degrading about women.  There are PLENTY of songs out there with a good beat, that are great for dancing, that aren't "nasty."

    Are you having a DJ?  If so, talk to him/her about what a good playlist might be.  If you're just using an iPod, cut any song that has "explicit" lyrics, include a little bit of non-nasty hip hop, add some songs with good beats that are a little tamer, and add a few songs in genres that'll appeal a bit more to any older people you're having.  Just put together a good blend. 
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    What i would do is put in a good blend me FI is a metal fan but listens to hip hop as well and i love everything except techno. were doing mostly hip hop cause thats what most of our partygoers listen to and were throwing in a few oldies as well were not going to play any crude songs that our nasty or explicit everysong has an edited version
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    My FI and I are trying to find a commonground between the hip hop we like and what's appropriate. We decided we would play anything they would play on popular radio. We both love Outkast, and their popular songs are appropriate imo. Then theres some Jay-z that a lot of people know. I don't know if this helps, but we're trying to keep it to well known, borderline songs lol
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