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Vintage music?

Anyone using vintage music for the ceremony?  Like sign sealed delivered, and music of that era? 

I had a list made over a year ago and both my mother's computer as well as mine crashed this month and all is lost.

Re: Vintage music?

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    Play what moves YOUR heart!
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    we're doing some ratpack and italian classics during dinner, and yes some 70s favorites for the older crowd.
    we're planning to tell the DJ that before he tries to play any of the cheesy wedding music ('celebration' or 'we are a family') that he should instead play a 90s flashback, cuz we're both 80s babies and grew up with 90s music at school dances.  it would get a fun laugh to have everyone boppin around to eifel 65 or will smith, or something similar! =P

    ...basically we're trying to keep the music friendly for all ages while still being stuff that we like.  As the night goes on, and the older folks go home, music will typically get 'younger' in style. DJs know this and plan accordingly.
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