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Maps in invitation

Our ceremony/reception are in the same place. Did yall include a map in with the invitation or just provide the adress?

Re: Maps in invitation

  • I just provided the address, but I tested it with Google Directions to make sure it wasn't one of those funky addresses.
  • I provided the address to the ceremony on the invitation and the reception venue address on the reception card, but put a map up on the wedding website with a link to mapquest. I figured that since most people would either be using navigation/smart phones/google maps etc., that would be sufficient. We had maps at the ceremony with directions to the reception, but since yours are in the same location you wouldn't need to do that.
  • My ceremony and reception were at the same place and just included the address.  
    Figured everyone had access to some type of mapping website or GPS to find it!
  • We just provided the address and handed out maps to the reception as guests left the church.  Half your guests will forget it, so save yourself a little printing costs.  =)



  • Because a lot of our guests were older who we knew would have a difficult time navigating downtown dallas in general, we included a map along with the address and directions from every cardinal direction. We printed this on the back of the information enclosure (one side said "directions" and the other side said "information" such as where to stay, etc.). We used vistaprint, so it wasn't that much more to print in color on both sides of a 3x5 card. I took a screenshot of the google map then added elements to it in photoshop.
    Here is a printup: 

  • Thanks ladies, I was just at a wedding and if they did provide a map i forgot it and we just used the address. I think ill skip the map, I'm going to have wood signs that read wedding at pretty much every turn on they get close to the location so i think it will be ok. Come on guests dont let me down! :)
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