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We had a couple of singers at our wedding and they were invited to Reheasal too so we paid for their Hotel room for both nights, is this enough for a gift or should we had paid for their rooms plus a gift?

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    I think that was enough.
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    GIft? For a vendor? Are these your friends?

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    As someone who has sung at weddings professionally, I can tell you that unless extensive travel is involved, they should only expect you to pay their fee, which may include an extra charge to cover travel.

    A professioanl wedding singer should be prepared enough to have one rehearsal with your organist or whoever the accompanist is, and be good to go for the wedding.  It's nice but not necessary for them to be at the wedding rehearsal too.  More important than that is just the one on one rehearsal with the accompanist to make sure the keys and tempos are correct and also to make sure they both have the same version of any given piece.  This is very important because some versions of a song will have an unfamiliar introduction or a middle instrumental section thrown in. 

    As a wedding performer (years ago!), I just wanted to be paid and get the heck out of Dodge.  I was invited to receptions a couple of times but frankly never wanted to go and try to party with a bunch of strangers.

    It sounds like you were very generous to your singers and they shouldn't expect more.  I hope they did a wonderful job for you!
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