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Songs for Special Dances

At my reception, I would like there to be 2 extra dances along with the traditional ones: one where I dance with my FIL and one where my Fi dances with my mom. My problem is that I can't think of any appropriate songs to play during these dances. Any suggestions?

Re: Songs for Special Dances

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    angiems97angiems97 member
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    What about I Hope You Dance by LeAnn Womack for one of them. 
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    Just a thought.... why not just ONE extra song: you guys can each dance with your new in laws at the same time. IMO, being forced to watch too many dances and/or speeches is just a real drag.
    As for a song suggestion, how about "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts?
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    @angiems97: i actually just heard that song on tv and thought about it. it is a good song. thanks!

    @ heather822: hmmm...didn't think of that. guess it doesn't matter as long as we're all dancing. thanks for that tip and the song suggestion...also a good one!
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    tpender13tpender13 member
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    I COMPLETELY agree with Heather. Too many special dances getting dragged out won't be fun for your guests. It's like pushing "pause" on the party several times. And the Rascall Flatts song is good.
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