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advice on music dilemma (kinda long)

Hello ladies!

Let me start my question with a quick background: I booked the venue that I really liked (late october wedding), signed the contract, and in that contract, it stated that live music (i.e. string quartet or mariachi) is acceptable. This was all it said; that they were acceptable.

My parents have ALWAYS wanted a a mariachi. I love mariachis and would enjoy having one, so I'd like to be able to work this out.

 I discussed this possibilty with the venue and was told (verbally and via email) that this would be fine. Only to find out later that another wedding was booked at this venue but at a different location on the venue (its a huge "park" with two separate venues), and that if I wanted a Mariachi, it would have to be during a time that I would not disturb the ceremony of the other wedding. This kind of annoyed me in that 1) I had booked first and had a set time already and 2) the contract did not list any exceptions to having a live band.

Also, when I asked all DJ's (on the preferred list of DJ's that my venue is requiring me to choose from) if they would offer a discount for a Sunday wedding and for not actually mceeing or playing anything for about an hour and a half (the duration the mariachi would be there), they wouldn't budge.

I have not booked a DJ or mariachi yet because I have a decision to make.

Rather than rearrange my time to suit the other wedding just for a mariachi to play after the ceremony OR getting charged to have a DJ for the full 6 hours (venue allows 6 hours max from start of ceremony to end of reception, and DJ would need to play ceremony music) and still having a mariachi, I was wondering if:

a) only have a DJ for the first 4 1/2 hours and have the mariachi at the end of the reception

b) forget about the mariachi and have the DJ for the full 6 hours

c) have both the mariachi and DJ and stop whining about having to pay for both Laughing lol.

If anyone is curious about the prices I'm talking about, a mariachi in my area is about 300-600 dollars an hour (which is why most people only have them for a couple hours at most anyway) and the least expensive DJ on the list I'm required to choose from offered me $750 for 6 hours.

Sorry it was so long, but this has been my only obstacle in an otherwise very smooth planning process ^_^!!! Any advice would be appreciated.


Re: advice on music dilemma (kinda long)

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    I too, would be a little annoyed that they are now making exceptions..but it's what you're working with so you'll just have to make it work.

    I wouldn't give up on a Mariachi since you and your family are so into it.  I do think your idea of Mariachi at the end of the reception sounds nice a little surprise for the guests when they least expect it!
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    In all honesty, I'd go back to the venue, contract in hand, and raise holy hell until they back down. Like you said, you booked first, the other party should have to be more considerate to you; especially, since you did your homework. I'd also read the contract for any repercussions if you were to just go ahead with your plan anyway. As for the DJ, I think it's a shady business practice, but they are within their rights to do it. $750 really isn't all that bad for six hours, but I'd make damn sure he's worth it.
    A lot of people like to throw the term "Bridezilla" around, but sometimes you just have to stand up for what you're willing to pay for.
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