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acoustic punk/rock music HELP

hi ladies.

FH and I are into pretty hardcore music but we want to dance to an acoustic punk song as our first dance, we're also looking for something just as unique for me to walk down the aisle to songs like fall for you by secondhand serenade, let love bleed red by sleeping with sirens and you had me at hello by a day to remember are similar to what were looking for.

and for walking down the aisle i was thinking of the beginning of im yours by jason mraz or somewhere over the rainbow the acoustic version but i'm feel as if they dont fit with a winter wedding, HELP!

Re: acoustic punk/rock music HELP

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    Cool!  I thought my husband and I were the only ones who wanted to do this.  We are going to dance to We by the Descendents (my brother's band is going to do a slowed-down version of it).  We're also going to throw in some Reverend Horton Heat.  I also really like Tom Waits (not punk, but still awesome).  Mostly this music will be played at the reception.  The ceremony (vow renewal) will probably be a bit more traditional. 

    Do what you want.  It's your and FH's day.  I've had people tell me that I shouldn't play that kind of music- no one will dance, but I'll be damned if I'm playing some auto tuned BS at my reception. 
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    BTW, there's a version of Somewhere over the Rainbow that has a more reggae, upbeats feel to it.  That may be a good choice.

    Here it is.  Jason Castro.
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    my fi and i are actually dancing to chris cornell finally forever ... and we have a few rock songs that are played by the vitamin string quartet (you canfind on youtube) to fit the "processional" way to do it with a touch of us
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    I agree with GingerAsh. The day is about you and your FH.  Pick whatever songs are meaningful and special to you. I am a big poppy punk and indie rock fan and I will definitely be incorporating it into my day. 

    Ingrid Michaelson does a nice Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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    Check out Quit Your Life by MxPx it's very romantic.
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    My FI and I are using The Used - Smother Me,   its kinda a waltz so it works :)
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