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Who should sing??

FI's and my (wow bad grammar) first dance will be "At the Beginning" from the Anastasia soundtrack. We want to make the song special, so we're going to have family members and/or friends sing/play it. The problem is...I don't know who to ask!

-2 of my uncles actively sing and play guitar. One does so professionally, the other just for fun. I want to ask the professional one, but I dont want to offend the other. They are equally talented. Two of FI's stepbrothers also play guitar.

-The song has 2 parts, a male and a female. 2 of my cousins sing extremely well. One sang at another wedding she recently went to and was the head of her college's a capella group. She is 24. My other cousin also has an excellent voice and takes singing lessons, but she is only 15 and won't completely understand what she's singing. Both of these cousins would work out because their fathers are the ones who play the guitars so they could rehearse together (the 15-year-old's father is the professional player). My college roommate could also sing. She was a music major with a concentration in voice, so she's obviously fantastic. But she's in the wedding party, so she'll be plenty busy that day. Also she would not be able to rehearse until the night before with whoever plays the music.

Who should I choose?!? I understand that the day is about FI and me, but I'm really hesitant to offend anyone.

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