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stepdad to my daughter song?!

My daughter is 6...she knows her biological dad, but doesn't see him. My fiance is her dad. I was looking for a song that would be from her to him.....there's not much out there for this kind of thing. Or from him to her I guess...


Re: stepdad to my daughter song?!

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    When is this song playing?

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    I am having a related issue, I want a song to dance with my step-dad. I already know that i will be dancing to Cheeseburger in Paradise with my dad because it is our song but my step-dad has been in my life since I was 5 so I do not want to leave him out. They just do not have many songs for step-dad's.
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    I am sorry, I didn't get notified of a response! The song I'm looking for would be playing while my daughter (Junior Bride) is walking down the aisle.
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