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Pre-Ceremony Classical Suggestions?

Our music is going to be slightly unusual.  We will be having a CD recording of classical music playing as our guests arrive, and then transition to live musicians playing traditional Jewish wedding music for the actual ceremony.  Right now we have chosen two songs for the CD:

"La Rejouissance (from Music for the Royal Fireworks)" by Handel
"Spring (from The Four Seasons)" by Vivaldi

We need a total of about 25-30 minutes of music on the CD, and we have about 8 minutes so far with those two songs.  Does anyone have suggestions for other classical pieces we could add to the CD?

Our ceremony will be outdoors (weather permitting) in the spring, so we're trying to stick to happy, "spring-y" music if possible!  TIA Smile


Re: Pre-Ceremony Classical Suggestions?

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    I would try googling it or go to the music store and look at classical music and then download songs online to make your CD.

    I would think Mozart, Beethtoven and Bach would be some good choices to start with.
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    Thank you so much!  This is perfect!
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