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Stepfather/Daughter Dance


I have lurked enough to know that this question has been posed a million times...What is a good song for me to dance with my step dad to?  I have looked but I feel my situation is slightly different.  (to avoid giving you my life story, i'll post in bullets)

1. My parents divorced, then my father died.
2.  I have lived with my step dad since I was 7.
3. While I am still close to my bio father's family, they are NOT close to my mom or step dad (borderline dislike)
4.  since my biological father's family will be at the wedding, I worry about upsetting them with something to father/daughter ish. 

BUT, I also really want to acknowledge the great person my stepfather has been in my life, despite that fact that I didn't really open up to him as a child and tried to shut him out a lot.  We are close now and I want to thank him for being a great dad :)

Song suggestions?? I like the message of Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant, but I don't like that song... something like that? 

I appreiciate your ideas!!

Re: Stepfather/Daughter Dance

  • I'm in a very similar situation, only my bio dad's sisters love my step father. I have been researching this myself for the last 3 weeks straight. My fiance and I set our date and I immediately started looking into this. A lot of the bloggs suggest Brad Paisley's song - He didn't have to be, the song is written from the male point of view but the meaning behind it its really strong.  My stepfather has been ans is more of a dad to me than mine ever was I believe he and I are going to dance to Tim McGraw's My little girl. If you as my stepdad he'll tell you without hesitation that i'm his little girl. I never really thought of how my dad's family would/will feel about the song I chose to dance to with Pap'm (he made up the name so there was no hostility with my dad when he was still alive, on occasion now I do call my stepfather dad and he gets teary eyed) Read the words to the songs. find the one that best describes your relationship with your stepfather.  I don't know your situation but my step-father NEVER tried to replace my dad and to this day, my dad has been gone for 8 years, he's never tried.  As my grandmother always says.... Anyone can be a Father but it takes a certain man to be a Dad.  I agree with it 100%.  Hope I helped some. Good luck
  • My biological father is no longer in my life, and hasn't been for 6 years.  My stepfather came into my life once I was older (15).  I think we have settled on "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts.
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