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Outdoor options: Portable speakers?

Hi there, ladies!

I'm getting married outside, and while I'm hoping my MOH will be playing acoustic live during the ceremony, I want to make sure I have a back-up for music.  My plan was to use one of those battery-powered boom boxes and just burn a CD with the couple of songs that we want, but while that sounds great in theory, I'm a little concerned as to how it'll actually work out.  How have you ladies dealt with this?  Since we're getting married on the deck at our venue, we might be able to extention-cord it up and bring better speakers, but I'm trying to go worst case scenarios here.  Any suggestions would be really helpful!

- Lindsey

Re: Outdoor options: Portable speakers?

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    Years ago, we tried playing musical chairs on a deck with a portable stereo turned all the way up. It was still very hard to hear, and they'll hopefully be more people at your wedding than the 10 people at that birthday party. With just the faintest breeze, plus just the noise of people breathing and moving slightly - it adds up to drown out music.

    I'd look into renting professional speakers, or maybe your venue has ones it can set up outside. Or maybe you have friends in a band who could loan you a set (and set them up for you). Or maybe your church does.
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    Thank you for the suggestions.  I'm actually having a very intimate destination wedding with no more than 15 people in attendance, so it won't be much more than the birthday party, haha!  Bah, I didn't want to have to rent speakers, but I'm silly and the music when we walk down the aisle is one of my wedding priorities, so it sounds more and more like I'm just going to have to get my hands on some.  If I find some magical/miraculous solution, I'll have to let you all know!
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