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We're planning to put together a slideshow to play during our reception.  I was thinking for it to have three songs: one for my fiance growing up, one for me growing up, and one for us together.  Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Him: bless the broken road, rascal flatts
Me: Mama's song, carrie underwood
Together: then, brad paisley

I'm not totally sold on my song selection... does anyone have any other suggestions??
It's important to know that my reception is being held at my church... therefore, no drinking, no hard rock music, etc.  The songs i've listed are about as "rocky" as we can go...
As you can tell, I'm a big country fan... but, anything in the soft rock or "oldies" genre are great too Smile

Re: Slideshow

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    I would do more upbeat songs for you and him growing up, wouldn't make them couple-related songs, and would consider editing/shortening two songs per person so people don't get bored hearing the full song--this works well for baby years v. teenage years.
    "Young" by Kenny Chesney would be good for your FI's portion or "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart.  Do you like Kelly Clarkson?  "Breakaway" might be good for you... 

    I love "Then" and think that's a great song for your "together" portion.  You could also edit this part to have a couple portions of different songs, and maybe include the Carrie Underwood or Rascal songs here...

    I'm having too much fun choosing your songs! lol  Have fun and GL!

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    I think the songs you chose are great choices as they represent the road to your union with your FH.
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