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How many dances?

I am curious as to how many traditional dances are usually done at weddings? I know we have the father-daughter dance, but do we do a mother-son, son-mother in law, bride with father in law.....I honestly have no idea. What is the norm? We aren't traditional anyway, so we are kind of doing things our own way, but I'm just curious.

Thank you!

Re: How many dances?

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    Most weddings I've seen have a first dance, a father-daughter dance, and a mother-son dance. This may be adjusted depending on family circumstances, but three at most would be my suggestion. Special dances are lovely for those involved, but pretty boring for guests after the initial, "Aww, isn't that sweet." A nice compromise is to have your DJ dedicate certain songs to certain people, where you can dance with that person without excluding other guests.
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    This is your wedding and the dances are there to help with special moments for you and your groom, and both of your families. You can do whatever you guys prefer. We are doing our first dance as bride and groom then me and my dad then my fiancee and his mother then my fiancee and his step mom. If your guests get bored during your special times then thats their problem. They don't have to watch you the entire time you are up there. It's not about them, it's about you and yours. Do whatever is important to you. Hope this helps. Smile
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    Thank you for the info, girls! I didn't want to spend the first hour of our reception just having special dances! I think we will go with the mom-son, dad-daughter ones, and I want to play a special song for my mom and I since she raised me! I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!
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    You can do whatever you like, but it's good to be considerate of your guests.  We didn't want it to drag on so we did Bride/Groom to one song and then Bride/Father/Groom/Mother together in one simultaneous dance so there were only two "spotlight" dances.  That was MORE than enough for me, I wanted to get the party started.
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