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Can I Have a First Dance at a Casual Reception?

My FI and I have a tiny budget so we are going with a small, afternoon ceremony in the park. I really want a first dance, but my mother says that's "too formal". Also, if it rains, the ground will be too muddy to dance on. We can't rent a dance floor, so what should we do? Can I still have my first dance? 

Re: Can I Have a First Dance at a Casual Reception?

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    Are you having any kind of music at all?? Or would it be just for the first dance??
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    I would love to have music quietly playing in the background while we much on cake and finger sandwiches. I always pictured the music to be turned up a bit for the first dance. After that, I don't know. I was wanting a short party after the cake cutting (about an hour or so) when others could dance as well.
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    Rules are all manmade. Have your first dance if you want to. You only get one first dance as a married woman. Make it as special as you want!
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    I think that people will kind of expect it and it would be really sweet to have your first dance under the sun/trees/etc!

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    I am also planning a small wedding. it will be a backyard wedding.
    I think you need to do what you want. it is your wedding day and if you dont do it, you will regret it!!!!! You dont need a dance floor to dance, only music, you, and him! Its your day and you should do whatever comes to mind that you want to do. there are no rules!
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