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Help! Which song do you like better for first dance?

 I am a HUGE cryer, so I want something more upbeat LOL

It's between:

 1,2,3,4 by Plain White Tees

Smile by Uncle Kracker

Lucky by Colbie Calet/Jason Maraz

Which would you choose? Thanks!

Also, We are HUGE Yankee fans in our house and I was thinking of dancing with my dad to New York, New York just so it isnt sappy....Is that corny? Thanks for any input!

Re: Help! Which song do you like better for first dance?

  • missejaynemissejayne member
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    I just like Lucky better... but the new york new york thing is cute... Who doesent love Sinatra AAAAAAAAAnd its something specific for you and your dad... which is what the dance is for. I love it.
  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
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    I agree with the PP...I love the Lucky song!  I feel ya girl, when I think about my dad and I dancing it makes me tear up...oh lord...
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    I like Smile or Lucky. I do believe Lucky is about someone going away to war; I don't know if that matters to you.

    I think New York, New York would be great!

    FI is a huge Boston fan, so we are cutting the cake to Sweet Caroline.

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    Definitely Smile!
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  • nstark2908nstark2908 member
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    I'm thinking of using Smile.  I like the upbeat option.
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    I'm thinking of using Lucky... But whoever said it was right, I think it's at least about a long distance relationship (which works perfect for us since my fiancee's been based in Germany for 1.5 years now. =) So if that works for you, then yes.

    I don't know smile offhand, but that PWT's song is ALSO up there on my list. Good taste in music!
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  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    I'd vote for Smile.  And I love, love, love the idea of New York, New York with your dad.  I  think it will be perfect!
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  • bluebeetlebluebeetle member
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    I prefer Lucky...that's one of my fav songs...and I think it really tells the story of everyone who's in love with their best friend! As far as New York, New York...I think it's an absolutely great idea! It's something has special meaning between and your dad and that's what's it all about. My cousin played softball basically from the time she was walking straight thru college, and my uncle coached most of her teams when she was younger....with that said they danced to "Take Me Out the Ball Game" which seems kinda strange...but had special doesn't matter what other people think as long as you and your dad understand! :)
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    My sister and BIL sang Lucky at their reception together. It was so beautiful. It's a great wedding song!! Can't figure out the HTML stuff ^^ That's my bio!
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    Smile by Uncle Kracker
    If i was a guest and you played the 1,2,3,4 I would have to get some ear plugs. YUCK
  • kwagner1211kwagner1211 member
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    I'll the be one going against the grain, but 1,2,3,4 is one of the few songs that have made it to my short list. I don't want sappy either so I know what you mean.
  • megk8ozmegk8oz member
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    I'm actually going to vote for 1,2,3,4. It was in the running for a while to be our song (We wanted simple and not a complete "sap-fest). We wound up going with something else in the end, but we still love that song.

    Lucky only really works if you guys were long distance at one point. And I don't know, I used to like Smile, but I've been hearing it constantly lately, so it's getting on my nerves, lol.

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  • jamiefourjamiefour member
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    I say that song.  Also, NY, NY is a great idea!
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    we're also huge Yankee fans ... so we're using New York, New York as the last song of the night - the Frank version, just like after a Yankee win at the Stadium.  I like the idea of the father/daughter dance, though, too!
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    New York New York for the Father/Daughter dance is an amazing idea.  I'm a huge yankees fan but the FI isn't so I probably can't use it but perhaps I can get my MOH to make a special request (she's a bigger fan than me even lol).

    As for the songs you listed, I love them all.  1,2,3,4 is so fun and it's on my shortlist to use somewhere at the wedding, we just haven't decided where yet.  Out of the others, Lucky actually kind of annoys me but I love Smile.
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