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How Much?

How much is too much for a reception DJ? How much did you pay? I'm trying to find a DJ, and I want to know the average cost. I'm also having a country wedding, so I have to factor in travel fees as well. I'm really uncomfortable with having a family member or guest do it, simply because I want them to enjoy themselves and I don't know anyone who would have more fun playing music and watching everyone else dance. If you did pay for one, did you consider it worth the money?

Re: How Much?

  • TeepTeep member
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    It really differs by area, but I'm paying $575 for our wedding DJ. 
  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I agree with Teep. It depends on your area, how long you want him/her to be there, plus if they offer any extras like lighting. I'm paying $600
  • Amanda1443994Amanda1443994 member
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    We're paying $1000 but that's actually pretty cheap for CT. So yea it really depends on your area and your package.

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  • jalafajalafa member
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    We are paying $1250 and he's doing the ceremony,cocktail hour, and reception. Over here I couldn't find experienced ones under $1k..if I did they charged more for the ceremony and would not be the master of ceremony either.
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  • we are paying 1200.00 for 4 hours
  • We are paying $495 for 5 hours and includes wireless microphones, LED dance floor lighting (if you’d like), an online music and wedding planner, and unlimited consultations. To have them play at our ceremony we are paying an additional $75.00 since our ceremony is outside, however, if our ceremony was in the exact same room as the reception it would be free. Additionally, for an extra half hour, we are paying an additional $37.50.

    Therefore, our grand total is $607.50 for ceremony, and reception of 5.5 hours. We came across someone wanting to charge us $1,000 and we said hell no, that's the price of my dress almost for less hours. We are located in Ohio!
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  • I am not paying anything as my father is a DJ, but he charges a flat rate of $500 for 5 hours. And he is considered to be on the cheaper end of our area, which is northern Indiana. Like many have said it just depends on where you are! But if you live in northern Indiana let me know and I can hook you up with a DJ!!
  • tewkamtewkam member
    First Comment First Anniversary is your best bet to get an price range based on couples the previous year.  I would type in the venue's zip code.  I would recommend checking with the venue about recommendations for a DJ, as well other vendors that you have hired.    Good for you for hiring a pro.   There are some wonderful ones out there that would love to work with you and are reliable. 

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