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Having difficult time finding appropriate 70's rock song for a memorial dance for my father.

My father passed away in february, and fh and I are getting married in march 2012. In the place of a father/daughter dance (I do not want to dance with anyone else in place of my father), we are going to have a memorial dance so everyone can join in. The music that reminds me of my father is 70's rock music because he listened to that most, Eric Clapton was his favorite, he also liked zz top, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and so on. I am having a hard time trying to find an appropriate song that doesn't have a strong reference to sex and drugs. Any ideas on what song I should play for this memorial dance? Not sure if I want to do a slow song or a upbeat song to get everyone moving. Thank you :)

Re: Having difficult time finding appropriate 70's rock song for a memorial dance for my father.

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    Sorry about the passing of your Father

    I'am not sure if you know of the song Im a Rough Boy by ZZ Top.

    This song is so nice you can slow dance or fast dance to it

    and their iis (No) word useing sex and drugs.

    I just had to listen to it my fl turn me on this song we were out one night and he play it and I ask him who this was doing this song and he said zz top who knew lol

    Hope this help's
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  • Magdala9Magdala9 member
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    With Clapton as his favorite, how about Tears for Heaven?  Clapton wrote it as a memorial after the death of his son.   While it was written in the 90s rather than the70s, it is by your father's favorite artist.
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    What about Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac?

    Kind of an uplifting one.

    Or, Sunshine of your Love by Cream, since he liked Clapton.

    Sorry about the loss of your Father, and congrats on the wedding.
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom member
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    Eric Clapton, You look Wonderful Tonight would be a good choice
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    I love classic rock as well :)

    Songbird-Fleetwood Mac
    Wild Horses-Rolling Stones
    Bridge Over Troubled Water- S&G
    Against the Wind- Bob Seger
    Knockin on Heaven's Door- Bob Dylan (Clapton does a cover as well)
    Simple Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Thank You- Led Zeppelin

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  • Robyn5298Robyn5298 member
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    This might be too emotional, but I've always thought "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd was a beautiful song.

    I'm also very sorry for your loss.  The dance sounds like a really great way to honor your dad.
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    How about "That's How Strong My Love Is" by the Rolling Stones? 
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  • BrinleyjaneBrinleyjane member
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    I love classic rock as well! Here are some of my suggestions..

    The Who - Love Reign O'er Me - er..not really a dancing song, but it's a great song and I think it would be a good "memorial" song. 

    I also second Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", but's very sad :(

    These Days - Jackon Browne - another kinda sad one 

    Or you could do the Beatles (I love the Beatles). "Yesterday", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "The Long and Winding Road", or "I'll Follow the Sun" would all be good choices in my opinion. 

    I also second "Knocking on Heaven's Door". 
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  • mrsbasham2bmrsbasham2b member
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    God only knows by the Beach boys came out in 1966 but is a really great song...

    might be one to think about :)

    Sorry for your loss...

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    Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man - was the song at my cousin's memorial when he died, and I always think of him when I hear it.


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  • acey823acey823 member
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    Thank you all so much for your kind words and song suggestions. I am going with Fleetwood Mac - Songbird. He really liked that band and every time I hear one of their songs it brings back memories of my dad cranking up the stereo jamming to their songs. Thanks again.
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