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Country Music?

I have told my DJ that there are not to be any country songs played unless I have them on the list.  I don't really listen to country music, but my in-laws do so I'm having a hard time coming up with much of anything beisdes one or two songs.  Nothing too twangy or involving a truck, a dog, or a cheating spouse - any suggestions???

Re: Country Music?

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    I don't like country either, but I do like Rascal Flatts. Bless the Broken Road is a good song.

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    haha there are tons of songs that aren't too country....

    try cross over artists like Carrie Underwood, Lady antebellum, Sugarland, keith urban... so you still have a country feel but they are also pop-y
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    I agree we are not country fans but a few you might consider (I'm using them to mix it up) are:

    Save a horse ride a cowboy by Big and Rich
    Redneck Woman...not sure what her name is that sings it.

    Those are really upbeat fun songs that are country.
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    redneck woman is gretchen wilson and such a fun song!

    Garth brooks has some great songs that are not too twangy (at least I don't think they are but I love country) try shameless (one of my fav songs ever) or unanswered prayers is really a great classic of his and for more upbeat songs everyone knows friends in low places right? its played in bars all the time or two pina coladas is fun

    Brad paisley has a few good love songs too - i thought i loved you then and shes everything are both really good

    there is also a great love song by collin raye called if you get there before I do - that one makes me cry and is a little older so parents may enjoy it cause its not a on the radio now song...its so so good just listen to it! haha

    bless the broken road is a good suggestion too!

    I could go on forever but ill stop there :) Hope that helped
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    "Johnny Cash" by Jason Aldean
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